Expression Touch represents the evolution of expressions in Fable III.

With the Expression Touch system, players can interact more with the villagers of Albion than ever before. Unlike the expressions of Fable and Fable II, Expression Touch expressions are used on a single person, rather than a group of people. Unlike past expressions, they involve the other villager and are much more intimate: some of these new expressions include tickling, hugs, kisses, etc. Expressions are put into three categories: nice, rude, and insulting/evil. Expressions can also be utilized with the Dynamic Touch system, which enables players to take the hand of a villager to easily lead them throughout Albion. An example of this is comforting a child in a burning building with Expression Touch, then using Dynamic Touch to carry the child out of the building to safety.

Like expressions in other Fable games, Expression Touch expressions have to be earned. However, rather than being acquired from reading a book, Expression Touch expressions are unlocked using Guild Seals on the Road to Rule.

When a player first interacts with a villager, they gain free Guild Seals. In addition, the use of these interactions on shopkeepers can earn the player special discounts in stores.

Co-op Heroes can also interact with the villagers of the 'universe' that they visit, but can only do so with the expressions that they have unlocked in the Road to Rule.


  • When the Hero is using the Expression Touch system they will appear to grow in height compared to the villager or another Hero.
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