An Expression Statue is a statue that you have to perform a certain expression in front of to activate. They are found all around Albion in Fable II. The statues will react negatively to the wrong expression, but if you get it right, it will go limp, and its face will fall off. The expression statues, when activated with the right expression, usually open up doors to buildings and to otherwise inaccessible places that contain treasure. There are two types of Expression Statues: statues that you mime, and reactionary statues.

Miming Statues Edit

These statues require you to mimic the expression currently on the statue. These are the most common.


Reactionary Statues Edit

Info-Logo Note: Reactionary statues are not activated by doing the expression they appear to be doing, but by doing the expression that would cause a villager to react in the way they are frozen doing.

These statues are the ones whose gold masks/faces fall off after completing the expression that causes the reaction they are frozen in. They glow green when you stand next to them, indicating they are able to be interacted with. After performing the correct expression for the statue, it will hang limply with its arms dangling and its gold mask will fall off. Doing the correct expression will make something happen. If you get it wrong, however, the statue will push you back and appear to cry for a moment, harming your Hero very slightly.

For example, if the statue is laughing, expressions like chicken dance or fart would work on it.

Below is a list of what the statues do after being activated (or deactivated, depending on how you see it).


Activation Expressions Edit

Notes Edit

Another way of knowing what expression to use is to walk near the statue and watch the HUD display for the possible expression options then walk away and return. You may have to repeat this if more than one repeats. When you see which particular option is always there use it. There will always be only one that always appears.

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