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Execution Tree
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Silver Quest Icon.png Silver Quest
Preceding Rescue the Archaeologist
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Jail
End Headman's Hill
Reward 4500 Gold
200 Renown
Boasts 4

Execution Tree is a quest in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.


  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • Protect Guards


Bandits are planning on ambushing the Guards taking a criminal from the Jail outside Bowerstone to the Execution Tree in Headman's Hill. Kill all of the Bandits to stop them freeing the criminal.


  • This quest can be completed quite easily without killing all the Bandits. This can be done by killing the criminal they are attempting to rescue – if you kill him, you will receive 140 good points and the quest will be completed.


  • Flick and the executioner share the same model.
  • The guards that escort the prisoner along with the Hero go by the names of Monty and Flynn.
  • If you stray too far from the prisoner while escorting him, the guards may say "play the game mate, stick by us, eh?" as if they know they are in a video game.

Video Walkthrough[]


Fable - Execution Tree

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