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Evil in Wraithmarsh
Type Side Quest
Preceding Stranded
The Summoners
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Market, The Cow & Corset
End Bowerstone Market, The Cow & Corset
Reward 4000 Renown
Trophies Banshee Rags

Evil in Wraithmarsh is a side-quest in Fable II available once the Hero reaches Bloodstone. The Hero


must rescue Max and Sam from another horde of hollow men and deal with the consequences of their meddling with the Normanomicon once more.


Visit The Cow & Corset in Bowerstone Market and meet the pair's mother, Mrs. Spade. She will inform you that her sons have gone off on another adventure, and ask you to "bring the silly sods back".

Go to The Drowned Farm in Wraithmarsh, and enter The Well. Head through the narrow cave and deal with the various hollow men that appear. The brothers will thank you, noting that you "looked awfully familiar, killing hollow men". They then reveal that they "accidentally released a pretty nasty banshee".

Head to the Waterfront in Bloodstone and take on the creature, a Queen Banshee. It's more or less a regular banshee, albeit a bit larger, and dressed in white. It also releases five offspring, rather than four.

Once the banshee's down, return to the Cow & Corset to overhear Mrs. Spade reprimanding her sons. You can choose whether or not to reveal the full extent of their wrongdoing, if liked. You'll receive 4000 renown and some banshee rags.

Logbook Information[]

The brothers Max and Sam have gotten into trouble again... And they've travelled all the way to Wraithmarsh to do it.

They summoned hollow men and unleashed banshees, but you're leaving Max and Sam to their most dangerous foe yet. Their mother!


There is a known glitch where the banshee may become invincible after killing the first wave of her offspring; if this occurs, she will spawn no further such offspring. The glitch occurs randomly, and can be fixed by reverting to the previous section of the quest.

There is also another glitch where the banshee would not spawn at all. This is easily seen if the fog caused by the Banshee in Bloodstone is absent. Travelling to another region and going back to Bloodstone should fix this.

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