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Escaped Convict
Type Recurring
Preceding The Hollow Legion
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Market
End Bowerstone Market
Reward Varied Gold
10 Good

Escaped Convict is a recurring side quest in Bowerstone Market in Fable III. It becomes available after Page requests that you gain more support from the people of the city. The quest can be used to help your hero gain money and morality, but its main purpose is in fulfilling augment requirements found on certain legendary weapons.


Talk to the highlighted town guard Henry by the main gate to start this quest. Follow the glowing trail to the escaped convict who will flee from you until you get close enough to touch him. Once he stops simply grab his hand and drag him back to the guard to receive your reward.


Find an escaped convict in Bowerstone Market and deliver him to the guard.


Bowerstone Market is a safer place with that criminal behind bars.


  • Between 1000 and 3000 gold, based on the difficulty level.
  • Morality +10


  • When you catch the convict, he may just stand there with his hands up. At this point you are unable to hold his hand, but he will not run away. You can try moving away from him and returning to him, which may fix this. Otherwise, this effectively breaks the quest for the rest of the game, because as a quest NPC you can not kill him either.
  • The glowing trail can disappear when the prisoner is hiding inside a shop.

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