The Enlightened was an order of great seers and the followers of the Three Heroes of old, Sol, Blaze, and Stone. This trio of Heroes stopped an ancient evil from entering Albion from The Void, sealing it away in a temple in the desert. This imprisoned creature was finally defeated for good centuries later by the Hero of Brightwall. Unfortunately, the resulting explosion destroyed the Old Kingdom and transformed the three Heroes into Willstones. The Enlightened, realizing that the power of the Three Heroes may be needed again, collected these Willstones and stored them in four temples scattered across northern Albion and the Edgelands. In some of these temples, like Bladebarrow and The Forge of Fire, spirits of the Enlightened continued to watch over the Willstones, willing to help those who sought the treasure within.

Centuries later, their assumption proved to be correct when the same ancient evil tried to enter Albion again through a rift created by the rebuilt Spire. Theresa, a seer herself and the current owner of The Spire, recruited the Dweller Gabriel to travel to these temples and recover the Willstones in an attempt to put an end to the evil.

Notable MembersEdit

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