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Elvira Grey
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Amanda Grey (Older Sister)
Home Grey House
Bowerstone Manor
Relationships Hero of Oakvale (Potential husband)
Thunder (Suitor)
Hero of Bowerstone (Potential husband/wife),
Victor (Potential husband)
First Appearance Fable
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive (Undead)
"I will return one day, and I will wash away all the filth with your blood. Remember that, Hero."
— Elvira Grey

Lady Elvira Grey was the Mayor of Bowerstone during the age of heroes. She lived in her mansion on the north side of Bowerstone. At the time, Lady Grey arguably controlled the most powerful government in Albion. She has proven to be seductive, but also villainous.

Fable and Fable TLC/Anniversary[]

Elvira grew up with her older sister Amanda in the Grey House, just off of Barrow Fields. Amanda was beautiful and pure, and the rightful heir to the seat of power of Bowerstone. An already jealous Elvira was visited by a "masked messenger", who encouraged her into killing her sister. Out of thirst for power, Elvira locked her older sister in the cellar beneath their childhood home, where she suffocated and died.

Leaving her old life behind, Elvira became "Lady Grey" and took her sister's place as Bowerstone's mayor. She sold half of the books from the Bowerstone School library to raise money to build Bowerstone Manor. With the manor commissioned, Lady Grey moved in and lived there from that point forward.

When the Hero of Oakvale first visits Bowerstone South, he can see Lady Grey being sung to by a bard. She eventually returns to the upper-class district, Bowerstone North. Lady Grey learns of rare artifacts, held at Orchard Farm. She hires the guild and a group of bandits to attack the farm and collect the stones.

After the Hero of Oakvale becomes the new Arena Champion, Lady Grey arrives in Witchwood and introduces herself to him. Thunder, who happens to be Lady Grey's suitor, is jealous of the attention she shows. Lady Grey invites the Hero of Oakvale to Bowerstone North, for they "have much to discuss."

Arriving in Bowerstone North, the Hero of Oakvale can be welcomed by the Bowerstone Sheriff. He tells the Hero about the "nut case" they have locked up in the holding cell by the jail. The sheriff directs the Hero to the manor gardens where Lady Grey is waiting for him. Lady Grey welcomes the Hero as they walk through the gardens and into the courtyard. She explains how she always wanted to marry an Arena Champion. Should the Hero choose to marry her, he will ultimately have to duel Thunder for her hand in marriage.

The Hero could have also decided to investigate the mayor and listen to Gethyn in the holding cell. Gethyn claimes that Lady Grey murdered her older sister Amanda. The Hero has the choice of going to the abandoned Grey House to search for clues on Amanda's disappearance. The Hero will find the ghost of Amanda in the cellar where she will explain how her sister, Elvira, killed her for Bowerstone's mayorship. Amanda tells the Hero to take the Scrawled Parchment by her corpse and expose her sister. Lady Grey will arrive and confront the Hero of Oakvale, claiming Amanda was a weak romantic fool, who never had what it took to run Bowerstone.

The Hero may expose Lady Grey, causing her to vanish for good. Gethyn would be set free, and The Hero of Oakvale can choose to become Bowerstone's new mayor. The Hero could have decided to proceed with marrying Lady Grey and covering up the murder. This would result in the Hero dueling Thunder for her hand in marriage, and Gethyn getting executed.

Marriage and Exposure[]

There are two intervening quests, Mayor's Invitation and Investigating the Mayor (in Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary only), which you receive around the same time:

  • In Mayor's Invitation, the Hero is given the option of courting and marrying Lady Grey.
  • In Investigating the Mayor, the Hero is given the option of exposing Lady Grey's crime and overthrowing her as mayor.

Timeskip and Canon[]

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

The Bowerstone Manor was burnt to the ground, and Lady Grey convicted of being a witch. She was hunted by Albion's witch spotters, and sentenced to death by dismemberment. Lady Grey's body parts were separated and scattered across Albion.

Fable II[]

During the enlightenment age, five hundred years later, Lady Grey can be resurrected by the Bowerstone Gravekeeper, Victor. The Hero of Bower Lake may visit Victor in his mansion in the Bowerstone Cemetary. Victor claims to be doing research and sends the Hero to a cave in Rookridge to collect a "fine body part" buried there.

When the Hero returns with the lower half of the corpse, he confesses that the body belongs to Lady Grey. Victor explains how he fell in love with her ever since he saw a picture of her. Since then, Victor has been determined to restore her to life. The Hero is then sent to Twinblade's Tomb in Wraithmarsh to collect her torso, and Fairfax Gardens to receive her head in her tomb.

Finally, with all three body parts assembled, Victor begins the reanimating process. Before he starts, he confesses that the reanimation will also conduct a love spell on her. Victor electrifies Lady Grey's corpse, and she rises from the table. Unfortunately for Victor, Lady Grey falls in love with the Hero, for they are the first person she sees. It is up to the Hero to court her from that point forward or leave her alone with Victor so they may move away and get married.

Should the Hero of Bower Lake decide to court Lady Grey, Victor will vanish, and Lady Grey will remain living in the Cemetery Mansion until they are ready to marry her.

Love Hurts Quest[]

Main article: Love Hurts


  • Please read the main quest page for information on the many bugs and glitches during the quest, and if you choose to marry her.


  • If Victor marries Lady Grey a citizen of Albion may ask "Have you seen the Gravekeeper's wife? There's something not right about her. " despite the two no longer appearing in the game.
  • Lady Grey's character model in Fable II is designed with male characteristics. Since she has unlimited health, using the blades spell on her will cause her to roar like a male bandit. Since there aren't female bandits, Lionhead never created a female enemy stagger thus resulting in her using the only code that exists.
  • One of her quotes in Fable II is "If you see any witch spotters, shoot them in the head for me," as a reference to the people who killed her.
  • In the Box of Secrets in Knothole Island, the player can get a style card called "Cascading Hair". This is the same unique style as the resurrected Lady Grey's hair.


  • The name Elvira means true or trustworthy, a clear contrast to her character.
  • Elvira is most likely a reference to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, (Cassandra Peterson) a horror host and sex symbol popular in the 80s.
  • She is voiced by Emma Tate.


  • In Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary, she loves the "Fire Monkey" tattoo.
  • In the "Try to Stop Jack of Blades" quest, if you oust Lady Grey (and presumably only if you spare Whisper), Thunder says "Hello, Farmboy. Lady Grey sends her regards" implying that the two are still in contact.
  • In Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary you can receive an infinite amount of Strength Experience by punching her after marriage. She will eventually divorce you, but you keep the experience and the dowry.
    • She divorces you faster if you're evil and ugly. Being fully good and too attractive makes her not want to divorce you no matter how long you attack her.
  • In Fable, you are able to carry out most, but not all, of the parts pertaining to the, Investigating the Mayor quest. However, they will not be recorded in any quest log.
  • If you choose to marry Lady Grey in Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary you will receive a dowry of 15,000 gold: the largest marriage dowry in the game.
  • In Fable, TLC and Anniversary she will not obey the command 'follow' no matter how many gifts you give her or how much she seems to like you. However, you can have sex with her, but she must be in her house and it is very difficult and time-consuming to convince her to go to bed with you.
  • If you marry Lady Grey, she may display odd behavior if you are too ugly or evil, where she will scream at you to 'get out' of her presence, then comment disdainfully on your appearance, then gush about how happy she is with you, and greet you in a bored fashion in quick succession.
  • After marrying Lady Grey, if you go to her bedroom while she is there, she will walk around the room and occasionally bend down to scrub the floor, just like any other in-game wife.
  • During the courtship quest, Lady Grey will ask you for a gift, meaning that she wants a black rose. It is the only gift she will accept, and the girl in the town who provides you with tips on how to win the Lady's heart will tell you that she loves black roses. However, if you try to give her one as a gift after you are married, she will indignantly ask if it is meant to be some sort of joke like anyone else that you try to give a black rose to.
  • Because she will not follow the hero outside of Bowerstone in the original game, it is generally considered impossible to kill her. However, she can be killed by a guard's arrow crossfiring while trying to arrest the hero.
    • In the original game, Lady Grey can be killed by the Hero by punching her to death. This takes over an hour however while guards persistently attempt to stop you. After she is dead and you wait for the town to no longer be angry at you, things remain unchanged except she is no longer available to talk to.
  • In Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary, you can, in fact, kill Lady Grey (Or more accurately, have her killed). To do this. After completion of the Mayor's Invitation quest, she loses invincibility (Marrying her or not doesn't matter). Aggravating the guards and get them to pull out their crossbows, then go to Lady Grey and with a bit of patience, one of their arrows will hit and kill her. It seems she has a unique death animation. (running around her seems to be the most effective method of getting her killed)
    • After she dies you do not receive a widowed point even if you are married to her.
  • Unused dialogue for Lady Grey suggests that the Hero of Oakvale was meant to ridicule himself in front of her, in order for her to think the Hero was worthy enough to become mayor.
  • Unused dialogue for Lady Grey also suggest that she would convince you to kill Thunder during the Mayor Invitation quest.

Fable II

  • Lady Grey's quote where she says she has to restitch her leg is possibly a reference to Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas: "Where the love interest constantly resews herself due to loose limbs."
  • If you marry her before you complete the main storyline, even though she is undead, Lucien will say that he has had your wife (and possibly any children you had) killed.
  • Lionhead failed to implement female NPC attack/wounded animation. Thus when using the blades spell on Lady Grey, she will roar like a male bandit.

Fable III

  • During the quest "The Pen is Mightier..." in Fable III, the Hero of Brightwall enters a cellar in Bowerstone Old Quarter that contains memorabilia from previous Fable games. One of these items is a brain labelled as Lady Jane Grey.
    • This is the name of a memorable woman in history; married to the son of the Duke of Northumberland, she was executed, along with her husband and father-in-law, by Mary Tudor, the rightful heir to the English throne, in 1553.
      • It has been suggested, however, that the brain is actually from the zombie Elvira Grey in Fable II, and that either the collector of the memorabilia, or even Lionhead themselves, had forgotten her actual first name.