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Elizabeth Spade
Species Previously: Human
Currently: Ghost
Gender Female
Relatives Max Spade (son)
Sam Spade (son)

Unnamed Husband - (Deceased)

Home Millfields (graveyard)
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased (ghost)
Elizabeth Spade is the mother of Max & Sam Spade. In Fable II, she argued with them over the Normanomicon and said that she would take the book to her grave, which she did.

In Fable III, she is woken from her grave as a ghost when the Hero of Brightwall digs up the Normanomicon and unleashes Hollow Men during the quest Bored to Death. She says that the book will be better in your hands and lets you keep it.

Later, Max uses the Normanomicon and becomes corrupt with power and tries to kill the Hero. Sam eventually joins him, only for Elizabeth to come along and stop them, telling them to go to their graves without supper.

She has a husband, who is referenced in Fable III. Sam says that she always said to not drink or he and Max would be worthless drunks "Like your father." She also mentioned that he was killed by a kraken in Fable II.

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