Eco Warriors are the equivalent of hippies in the Fable universe. They were first introduced in Fable III, when the Hero goes through the Mourningwood camp into the Bowerstone Industrial sewers. Eco warriors believe in peace, love, and equality. Their comparisions to hippies are evidenced by their clothing, the achievement Dye Hippie, Dye!, life style, trade goods (produce, nature tattoo set) and their speaker's arguments for a sewage plant in Bowerstone, instead of dumping Bowerstone's waste in Mourningwood as Reaver suggests. There are currently two separate colonies of eco warriors. One convent of the eco warriors live in Driftwood and are the descendents of the group of gypsies who lived in the Gypsy Camp in Bower Lake during the events of Fable II. The other colony of eco warriors live in Mourningwood, next to a demon door. Just as the gyspies of Fable II did not wish for any contact with the modern world or any of its inhabitants, so do the eco warriors.

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