Quest Required: Hobbe Squatters must be accepted in order to enter the cave.

Echo Mine
Cave in Oakfield
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Location Information
Related Quests Hobbe Squatters
Enemies Hobbes
NPCs Tommy
Exits Oakfield

Echo Mine is a cave found in the southwestern most part of Oakfield, a forested area with twisted trees. Upon coming across the mine you will be ambushed by a hobbes. It is infested with Hobbes in and around it until you do the quest Hobbe Squatters, which can be accepted from a crossdressing character called Tommy located outside the Temple of Light. The cave is his home at first and has five diary extracts and a chest inside.

It is a long tunnel that seems to have some furniture in that once belonged to Tommy. You can fast travel to it once you have been there. A Silver Key can be located in the first large cavern on the right wall of the cave.

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