The Eastern Kingdom or the Eastern Land is a continent that lies to the far east of Albion, mentioned only by the Snowspire Oracle. It is somewhere beyond the eastern mountains of Albion; the Oracle suggests that it is "half-way across the globe". Not much is known of this area except Palgan, a Will user, is from here. Theresa was on her way here until she killed Palgan, at which point she used his amulet to transport there directly.

In Fable: The Journey, Theresa states that she went "to the east, to Samarkand". Whether this means that she visited the two places independently of each other, or that they are in fact the same place, is not known.

It is also possible that the city of Sutcliff, introduced in Fable: The Balverine Order is a part of the Eastern Kingdom, as the city is described as being located far to the east of Albion.