Drowned Farm
Area of Wraithmarsh
Location Information
Related Quests Evil in Wraithmarsh
Enemies Banshee
Hollow Men
Exits Wraithmarsh
The Well

The Drowned Farm is a dilapidated farm located in Wraithmarsh in Fable II that has been claimed by the encroaching swamp. You pass through it on your first journey to Bloodstone. It has become home to Banshees and hollow men. The furniture in the ruined farmhouses largely contains low-quality items.

Notes Edit

  • In the See the Future DLC, during the quest The Snowglobe, the Drowned Farm can be found as it once was before Reaver's deal with the Shadow Court ruined it, along with the rest of Oakvale.
  • The Well dungeon is located in this area.
  • In one of the houses, when you start searching the furniture, it will trigger a hollow man attack.

Closer look at the well

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