In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, the only available drink is the traditional beer that can be purchased in any tavern, but in Fable II and Fable III, they produce more drinks for your hero to drink. The stars next to the name show how popular it is among the citizens of Albion. The different types of drink in Fable II are water, wine, beer, spirits and juice. These can be purchased at taverns, beverage stalls and from travelling traders. In Fable III, fruit juices, beer, spirits, and wine are all available in the various taverns of Albion. Like in Fable II, drinks in Fable III can be purchased in taverns and beverage stalls, though when the Hero rises to become Monarch, one can outlaw the sale and consumption of alcohol, meaning only fruit juice will be available.

In Fable II, drinks have other properties besides healing. These include adding or subtracting purity points (depends on quality of product and if it has alcohol or not), gaining weight, and granting experience. Juice gives general experience and the smallest weight gain, wine gives will experience, spirits give skill experience and beer gives strength experience along with the biggest weight gain of all drinks.

In Fable III, drinks have many of the same properties as in its predecessor: an addition or subtraction of purity or corruption and a slight gain in weight. However, due to the changes in the experience system, no drink gives the Hero experience.


  • Any Port in a Storm - 4stars
  • Balverine's Spleen Beer - 1star
  • Bowerstone Brown Beer - 3stars
  • Box Wine - 2stars
  • Classy Claret - 4stars
  • Gutter Beer - 2stars
  • Hobbe's Water - 3stars
  • Hoptimus Prime - 5stars
  • Oakfield Sour - 1star
  • Poisonberry Stew - 1star
  • Portentous Stout - 4stars
  • Sandgoose Rum - 2stars
  • Table Wine - 3stars
  • The Gangreen Fairy - 5stars (Available only with Knothole Island DLC)
  • The Tenebrous (Tenebrous Vintage of Exsanguinated Shadows) - 5stars
  • The Yellow Fairy - 5stars


  • Concentrated Apple Juice - 3stars
  • Diluted Tomato Juice - 2stars
  • Durian Fruit Juice - 1star
  • Mystical Juice - 5stars
  • Quality Banana Juice - 4stars
  • Rancid Water - 1star
  • Spring Water - 4stars
  • Sublime Water - 5stars
  • Value Water - 2stars
  • Well Water - 3stars

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