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Enemy Information
Type Minion
Games Fable
Fable: TLC
Fable Anniversary
First Appearance Rescue the Archaeologist

A Dreadwing is a type of enemy in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. They are a bigger, stronger type of Minion that are feared by the lesser minions known as Wardogs, according to their description in Creatures of Albion Book I. Like the lesser Minions, Dreadwings were bred by the Wall-Guards during the corrupt latter days of the Old Kingdom, trained to attack would-be intruders. Given the Wardogs fear of them, it is likely that Dreadwings were built to lead their lesser Minions into battle. They are heavily armoured and difficult to kill, especially in the large groups they attack in. They serve Jack of Blades by the Age of Heroes, and it has been speculated that it was in fact him who created Dreadwings by infusing dark magic within a common wardog.

Unlike Wardogs, who are equipped with fierce, double-sided swords, Dreadwings are equipped with magical staffs that they can use to cast ranged energy spells as well as attack at close range with melee attacks. Because of their ranged aptitude, Dreadwings prefer to engage their enemies from behind while letting their lesser Minions swarm the Hero. Dreadwings can also perform a variety of non-combat spells such as making magical barriers and summoning wardogs or even trolls. They are easily dispatched by a proper usage of Enflame or other attack spell that can target more than one enemy. 

Their appearance is similar to other minions, except they bear a silver and black colouration and adorn a helmet that resembles a beak. Their staffs have a curly bit at each end which make them easily recognizable among their peers.


  • In Fable III, there is an enemy type known as the Dark Minion. Coincidentally, like the Dreadwings, Dark Minions are armoured, mechanical creatures with a beak-like helmet that serve a much greater evil.