Drake's Suicide Note
Drake's Suicide Note
Type Book
Source Guild Cave skeleton
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

Drake's Suicide Note is found when you search the last skeleton in the Guild Cave. It is needed to access the Bewitching Augment Dive Spot, which can be located in the room where you found Brendan and Erik's skeletons, near the arc in the middle of the water.

Contents of Book Edit

On the tattered piece of paper are the last words of one Drake Morton, explorer and Treasure-Hunter.

"A man can only be pushed so far before he breaks. Five nights without sleep while those villains schemed behind my back, losing a foot to a giant beetle, that never-ending attack of hiccups... well, it was all worth it, for I have found it. Yes! The treasure is mine. Who knows what great Hero made use of this magical gem? All I know is that neither Brendan nor Erik will ever get their hands on it. I am planning to poison them both tonight. Then I'm throwing the gem into the lake and poisoning myself too. Just in case! Nobody makes a fool out of Drake Morton!"


  • The letter states that Drake lost a foot, but when you study the corpse you can see he still has both feet (By lost a foot Drake may have also meant he lost the use of a foot, or lost a foot in height).

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