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Donating to the Light
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Ritual
Succeeding None
Start Oakfield - Temple of Light
End Oakfield - Temple of Light
Reward The Rising Sun
Good points

Donating to the Light is a quest in Fable II. When you're finished with the The Hero of Strength quest, you'll have the option to return to the Temple of Light and make donations to the order. Why would you want to donate your hard-earned gold? For one, it's the easiest way to tilt your Good/Evil and Pure/Corrupt meters toward righteousness. On top of that, a sizeable donation at the appropriate time of day will earn you a nice little weapon, and every donation will grant general experience (remember to absorb it).



Make a donation to the Temple of Light.


  1. Go to the Temple of Light and speak to Timothy Lightjoy.
  2. Activate the font to donate.
  3. So how much should you donate? You'll earn 75 Good and 75 Pure points in a single donation of 5000 gold or more. However, a donation of 2500 gold will earn you 50 Good and 50 Pure points. A donation of 1000 gold will earn you 25 Good and 25 Pure points. A donation of 250 gold will earn you 10 Good and 10 Pure points. Therefore, it makes economic sense to give a bunch of small donations rather than one large one.
  4. As soon as you have donated a cumulative total of 500 gold, Timothy Lightjoy will point out that you now have the honour of becoming the next Harvest Benefactor. In order to achieve such an esteemed title (albeit one that is not available from a Town Crier), you'll have to donate 10,000 gold or more "at the holy hour" between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm.
  5. The time is shown on the pause screen in the top right corner; you need this clock to reach 12:00 pm.
  6. Now donate 10,000 gold. Doing so will earn you the Rising Sun legendary weapon.
Note: Once you have received the weapon, you are still able to donate to the Temple for its experience and morality benefits. Provided you also complete Defender of the Light, this quest is never removed from the quest log.



  • There is a small glitch to The Rising Sun weapon in which you may be able to get another copy by leaving the area and returning just before the monk finishes speaking.

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