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Dollmaster's Mace
The-Dollmasters-Mace 499x370
Weapon Information
Type Mace
Damage 135
Base Value 33,075
Augmentations Mana
Acquisition Abandoned Road Demon Door
Rating Unknown

The Dollmaster's Mace is a legendary mace in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.


Quick fingers and an eye for detail were the Dollmaster's trademarks. But only once did he use his skills to create a weapon. This was the result, as colossal as his dolls were delicate.


The Dollmaster's Mace can be found behind the Demon Door at the Abandoned Road. To acquire the mace you will need to acquire 3 full sets of clothes: the Bright Platemail Suit, the Bandit Outfit, and a Dark Will User's Outfit. You will need to put them on one at a time and speak to the door after putting each outfit on. It will indicate which "individual" it would like to see.


  • The Dollmaster's mace is a good choice for Will users, for it is light weight and has a Mana Augmentation on it. Although definitely not the most powerful weapon in the game, The Dollmaster's Mace does damage equivalent to a master weapon.

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