Dog Tricks! Bunny Hop
Type Book
Effects Teaches Bunny Hop to the Hero's Dog
Source Silver Key Chest
Base value 200 gold
Stars 3stars

Dog Tricks! Bunny Hop is a dog trick book which teaches the Hero's dog the "Bunny Hop" trick. The book can be found in a silver key chest (one key required) in Bower Lake, near the Demon Door. It can also be found in a chest in the Snowglobe Village, down a well concealed path, off of the field where you first encounter the Blue Shadows.

Contents of Book Edit

Animal lover, dog trainer and circus owner Rufina Musket, wrote this series of books to pass on her intimate knowledge of canine psychology. Use this book to teach your dog how to hop like a bunny. To see him do this, dance, laugh, whistle, play the lute, or strike a heroic pose.

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