Dog tricks are available in Fable II and allow the dog to perform expressions of his own. Dog tricks must be taught, similar to learning from expression manuals. Dog trick books can be purchased at book stores or from traders, acquired during quests, or from dig spots and dive spots.

The available ten tricks and how to activate them are:

Roll Over Seduce
Chase Tail Vulgar thrust
Victory arm pump
Hand puppet show
Play Dead Play dead
Accuse someone of being a chicken
Beg Pick up line
Back to my place
Beg yourself
Backflip Use Hat, Headband, Moustache
Display a trophy to the villagers
Bunny Hop Dance
Play lute
Heroic Pose
Wave Blow Kiss
Give Gift
Thumbs Up/Down
Hide Snout Belch
Growl Use any scary expression
Targeted Urination Point & Laugh
Insult them
Tell them "Kiss my Ass"
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