Dog Book: The Backflip
Fortune's Tower Item 02
Type Book
Effects Teaches Backflip to the Hero's Dog
Source Fable II Pub Games
Base value 200 gold
Stars 3stars

Dog Book: The Backflip is a dog trick book which teaches the Hero's dog the "Backflip" trick. The book must be acquired through Fable II Pub Games. Once learned, the Dog will perform the backflip each time you complete a quest as a sort of victory cheer.

Contents of BookEdit

Use this tome of wisdom to teach your dog one of the most spectacular canine tricks ever seen: The Backflip! Impress villagers with your dog’s incredible deeds of daring do! To see him perform a backflip, show of a trophy or play a game of Hat, Headband, Moustache.

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