Dingly Burrow
Area of the Celestial Keep
Dingly Burrow
Location Information
Exits Celestial Keep
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Dingly Burrow is a burrow found in the Celestial Keep, next to the big tree leading to the Mysterious Cave. To enter it, one must place The Dingly Egg in the basket outside of the entrance. Inside the burrow is small living room with many items of broken furniture all around; each containing various class carrots and the Ashfield House Key.


  • If one has obtained the book The Grumpy Rabbit from The Snowglobe they can choose to reenact it, leading them to Dingly Burrow.


  • Inside the burrow the environment theme playing in the background is a higher toned version of Murgo's theme.
  • If you choose to sleep in one of the beds, upon awakening there will be a hobbe in the cave.


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