Type Gem
Source Jewellers, Dig spots (Fable II)
Base value 4,000 - 6,250 Gold
Stars 5stars

The Diamond is the most elegant gem and most expensive gift in Fable II. Its beauty should make anyone fall in love with you.

Description Edit

The rarest of all precious stones, and guaranteed to drive the object of your affections wild with desire.

Fable III Edit

Diamond makes another appearance in Fable III as a gift. Due to the changes made in the gifting system, it is rare that your Hero will be able to gift it to a villager. There is another variant of diamond in Fable III, called Rare Diamond. It is one of the seven rare trade items that exist and fetches a higher price at the pawnbroker, especially if it is not one of the four associated with your Gamertag.

  • Base Value: 4,000 gold
  • Description: This is a common gem. You can sell it for profit at a pawnbroker or use it as a gift.

Acquisition Edit

Diamonds can be found at random in chests or dig and dive spots. They may also be received as gifts from villagers and family members.

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