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Dene Carter.jpg
Dene Carter
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive (51 years old)

Dene T. Carter is a British game designer, programmer, sound designer and graphic designer, who spent many of his years as an additional programmer at Bullfrog Productions and then later became a creative director at Big Blue Box Studios. He is considered a veteran of the video game industry, having worked on and developed games for over 30 years. After the departure of Peter Molyneux from Bullfrog Productions to setup Lionhead Studios, Dene and his brother Simon Carter, along with Ian Lovett, founded Big Blue Box Studios and began development on Fable.

Dene and Simon's company 'Big Blue Box' was the primary developer of the original Fable, with its inspiration partially influenced by a ridiculously ambitious Role-playing game concept that they began back in 1985 (then simply known as 'The Game'). Dene served as a creative director for the franchise and was a part of the senior management team for Fable II, until part way through Fable III which is when he left Lionhead Studios to start another company with his brother, called Another Place Productions. Along with the Fable series, Dene and his brother Simon Carter are also credited as a co-creator of the Dungeon Keeper series. Dene Carter is also known for working on other games, such as Rockman, Druid and Druid II: Enlightenment, Theme Park World, Cloud Kingdoms, Genewars, Populous, Synidcate Wars and Deadbeat Heroes.

He went onto to become a solo developer that makes mobile and tablet games as Fluttermind Ltd, where he created the games Flaboo!, The Horns, Incoboto and Spellrazor.

Firebird Software Ltd[]

Dene Carter and Peter Molyneux helped design and port games for a company called Firebird Software Ltd in the mid 1980s. He is credited as the Graphic Designer for games, such as Druid II: Enlightenment.

Bullfrog Productions[]

At Bullfrog Productions, Dene would go on to help contribute to a plethora of games. These games included being an additional programmer for Theme Park World, Populous and Synidicate Wars, with his most notable role being as a co-creator, programmer and sound designer for the strategy game Dungeon Keeper.

Dene Carter joined the project in September 1995 and worked on the code for the user interface, parts of the rooms, Imp AI, and the engine for Dungeon Keeper. He also programmed the shadows for the creatures, which was believed to be impossible at that time. He is even responsible for some of the voice-overs for Dungeon Keeper, including the in-game Mentor that helps guide the player during a match. After the success of Dungeon Keeper, Dene would continue to contribute to the series by working on the production of sound for the creatures in Dungeon Keeper 2.

Big Blue Box Studios[]

After the departure of Peter Molyneux from Bullfrog Productions to setup Lionhead Studios, Dene and his brother Simon Carter, along with Ian Lovett, founded Big Blue Box Studios and began development on Fable. According to the Lionhead Dev Diaries, Dene was struggling to think of a name for his company, so he just settled with Big Blue Box.

Lionhead Studios[]

While working on the game that would eventually become Fable, their company Big Blue Box Studios merged with Lionhead Studios to help produce the game. This was following an acquisition where Lionhead was bought out by Microsoft Game Studios, making Lionhead Studios a subsidiary of Microsoft and Big Blue Box became a satellite studio for Lionhead. Dene would continue his role as the Creative Director for the series up until part way through Fable III.

Another Place Productions[]

In 2011, Dene and his brother Simon Carter would leave Lionhead Studios, along with John McCormack, Guillaume Portes and Jeremie Texier to form another company called Another Place Productions.


Dene Carter would go onto start up his own company as a solo developer under the name Fluttermind, where he has created games such as Flaboo!, The Horns and Spellrazor. He was even nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Mobile/Handheld game for his work on Incoboto.

"Dene takes great pride in doing every aspect of game-creation entirely by himself. Nobody knows why." - A quote about Dene Carter from the Fluttermind website.