Demon Door Retirement Home
Demon Door Realm
Demon Door Retirement Home
Location Information
Exits Mistpeak Valley

The Demon Door Retirement Home is the realm beyond the Demon Door of Mistpeak Valley.

In the realm players can find some of the Demon Doors opened in Fable and Fable II. These Demon Doors can talk to the player; most notably the Brightwood Demon Door from Fable II will explain that the whole "cheese" request was made up on the spot as the door did not want the Hero of Bowerstone to enter due to its contents. It's possible the Castle Fairfax Door is also there, due to him complaining about it being boring in this area.

The many other Demon Doors located here will talk aloud; some seem to be going insane, either due to lack of human interaction or as the name of the area implies: "Retirement Home", which would poke fun at senior citizens who get senile as they get older.

You get a random legendary weapon from the chest here.

If playing on co-op mode in somebody else's world, you will receive a less valuable and completely random item, such a tattoo, a potion, a diamond, etc.

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