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Definitely Not On Rails
Stamp Not On Rails MapStamp Not On Rails Pie
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 20 Gamerscore
Description Visit every region (excluding Demon Doors), or increase your waistline so that you don't have to.

Definitely Not On Rails is an achievement in Fable Anniversary worth 20 gamerscore points.

Description Edit

You've either explored the world of Albion, or you're now the size of the world of Albion.

How to Obtain Edit

Increase your Hero's weight to obese (by eating fattening foods while your health bar is full) or visit every area in the game.


Trivia Edit

  • The name of this achievement is a reference to Peter Molyneux's repeated assertions that Fable: The Journey would not be "on-rails", even though that was how it turned out in the end.

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