Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Deceased

Dash is a bandit who claims to be "the fastest man in Albion", and the 'boss' in the quest "A Bridge Too Far". Upon defeating him, the player is awarded his goggles as a trophy. After this you'll get a boost in your renown so you can then carry on your quest with the Abbot of the Temple of Light. Dash's death also opens up the ways to Bowerstone again.

Although Dash is very fast, he is not a very strong character, as the Hero is able to kill him with just one shot.

A Bridge Too Far begins when you approach the Rookridge Inn. You will see two bandits watching you, and they will run off to tell their boss, Dash. When the Hero enters the inn, Dash will order his men to attack. You must fight your way through the inn and out the back door. Dash will begin mocking you from across the stream and you must chase after him. He follows the path of the small railroad, and has set up a number of surprise attacks.

The Hero makes their way up the hill and to a site with strange rock formations similar to Stonehenge. You then find Dash stranded on one of the rocks by your dog. Take one shot, and he dies.

It is also possible to just shoot him (Using a long range weapon like a Flintlock Rifle) before he even starts running provided you have gained enough Skill experience to use any of the Dextrous Styles Abilities: Aimed Shot, Zoom In, or Subtargeting.

Trivia Edit

  • Dash is voiced by Steve Sweeney.
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