Darius Zing
Darius Zing
Species Human
Gender Male
Enemies The Hero
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Deceased

Darius Zing is the leader of the Highwayman's Guild in Fable II.

The HitEdit

Lord Lucien employs the Highwayman's guild to kill the hero after they escape the Tattered Spire. In various locations throughout Albion the Hero will find themselves ambushed by several highwaymen who, upon being defeated, will drop one of four sketch fragments. After the Hero finds all four fragments, they will be revealed as a map leading to the guild's headquarters in the Forsaken Fortress in Brightwood, and they then get the quest The Hit. The quest's main goal is to kill Darius and end the Highwaymen's guild (although Highwaymen still remain scattered throughout Albion). At the end of The Hit quest, the player will fight Darius. He is a formidable opponent who is skilled with his sword and is able to use the time control spell (targeted).


If the Hero is married to multiple people during the time when the Highwaymen are after them, they may receive a letter informing them that someone knows about this and they will tell their partners of this fact unless they bring a large sum of gold to Bowerstone and give the gold to a "lowly stooge" named Kenneth. The letter is simply signed "D". Upon receiving the money, Kenneth says "Lord Darius won't kill me for another month" which can lead the player to believe that Darius has set up the blackmail. However, sometimes Kenneth may say a different name entirely which could mean that more than one person can blackmail the Hero.


Unlike other highwaymen he does not jump in the air, but teleports leaving a blue blur.


  • He is the only highwayman to wear the highwayman hat.
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