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Quest Required: Hobnobbing With Hobbes must be completed to unlock the full extent of the cave.

Dankwater Cavern
Cave in Millfields
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Location Information
Related Quests Hobnobbing With Hobbes
Enemies Hobbes
Exits Millfields

Found between the Bowerstone Market and Bower Lake in Millfields, Dankwater Cavern is a small area traversed during the side quest Hobnobbing With Hobbes.

To find the Dankwater Cavern when travelling from Bowerstone Market, watch on your right for a large statue of a man with a telescope, immediately after Bower Lake comes into view. The cavern entrance can be found behind the statue, near a small body of water.

This area is very linear, but a portion of the cavern is inaccessible until after the side quest Hobnobbing With Hobbes has been completed.

The portion of the cavern available before the Hobnobbing With Hobbes side quest contains two Gnomes (included in the count for the Millfields area).

Further in there are several groups of hobbes along with the journal of Dans Mourir. There are also multiple dive spots and two silver keys, along with a few dig spots and chests. On a table in the far end of the cave is "Liver of Darkness", a rare book needed to complete the The Pen is Mightier... side quest. There is also a silver key, it is on a cliff overlooking the book.


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