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Cutlass Bluetane
The Cutlass Bluetane.png
Weapon Information
Type Cleaver
Damage 165
Base Value 40,425 gold
Augmentations Lightning
Acquisition Greatwood Caves Demon Door
Rating Unknown

The Cutlass Bluetane is a legendary cleaver in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It is obtained by opening the Greatwood Caves Demon Door. To open the door, the player must have an active combat multiplier of 14 or higher.


Though cutlasses were the weapon of choice for the old ship masters around Hook Coast, Bluetane was part of a legendary treasure and was never used in combat. Its hunger for blood is palpable.


  • When there are hobbes in the area (before the trolls), use the Slow Time spell, then the Force Push spell repeatedly, even when the hobbes are dead. The combat multiplier will rise until their bodies disappear. However it is possible to do this without the Slow Time too, in this case you should kill them close to each other, so the Force Push can reach all the bodies.
  • If you have Skorm's Bow, enter and exit the Greatwood Caves area until an Earth Troll spawns (the earth troll will only start spawning after you've achieved a decent amount of renown). Stand as far away from it as you can so it hides underground. You can also stand behind the boulder closest to him on the outside of Hobbe cave. With your bow, hold the fire button for at least sixty seconds; the longer you wait the more powerful your shot becomes (at minimum Accuracy, 60 seconds will cause the required 2000 damage to the troll). Walk towards the Troll to wake it up and hit it with the powered-up arrow. With any luck this will cause a 1-hit KO and you'll have a high enough combat multiplier to satisfy the Demon Door.
  • If you stand close enough to the boulder (the one you can hide behind to avoid the earth troll's attacks) you can actually fire through the boulder and hit the earth troll, letting you damage it without it being able to damage you. This method will only give you 10-12 combat multiplier by itself, so combine it with other methods to be successful.
  • Another option is to repeatedly kill the troll, enter the Hobbe cave, and return. Eventually, doing this without getting hit should get you to 14.
  • Another option is to simply use the shield spell in the Hobbe Cave. Just make sure you have plenty of will potions.
  • In Fable: The Lost Chapters, you can use your Summon spell to create enough monsters to reach the needed multiplier.
  • If you level lightning up to level three, along with Physical Shield up to at least level two, you are able to build the combat multiplier easily. Firstly, build the multiplier by eliminating all the hobbes near the Demon Door, before quickly running into the Hobbe Cave. Build up your multiplier in there by zapping as many Hobbes as possible, till your combat multiplier reaches level 20, then run back out the entrance to the Demon Door again. Your combat multiplier will drop to 15, but you can zap the rest of the Hobbes to build it back up.
  • Use the guild seal to teleport from the front of the Demon Door elsewhere and then fight your multiplier up to a high value (28 or more). When you recall yourself to the Greatwood Caves, your multiplier will be halved, and you can immediately speak to the door. You can achieve this by:
    • getting a citizen to follow you to Bowerstone Quay and repeatedly punching them (the guards won't be there to stop you and the villager can't die there). This one takes a lot of patience but can be done early game without doing quests, leveling up, or gaining renown. (Highly recommend assigning the attack button to a keyboard key temporarily to save both your fingers and your mouse).
    • killing guards in the Heroes' Guild using Physical Shield and optionally using Force Push on their bodies.
    • killing all but the magic undead at Grey House and after that only killing the small undead that they summon (leave at least 1 small undead alive, otherwise they'll stop summoning more). Requires high renown for the undead summoners to show up.
    • killing the hobbes/earth trolls around the Cullis Gate at Ancient Cullis Gate (they respawn if you just walk around the portal again).
    • killing a high health monster in one hit with Skorm's bow (rock trolls take 2 minutes of powering up and give 65 combat multiplier).


  • Despite being a cleaver it allows for stabbing downed enemies when other cleavers allow only for kicking.


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