Disambiguous This article is about the cursed item. For its quest, see The Snowglobe (Quest). For the location inside, see Snowglobe Village.
Cursed Snowglobe
Cursed snowglobe
Type Object
Effects Transportation to Snowglobe Village, a version of Oakvale
Source Murgo (See The Future)
Related Quests The Snowglobe (Quest)
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

The Cursed Snowglobe is an item obtained from Murgo after purchasing the See the Future DLC. When activated, it transports the player to the Snowglobe Village, a rendition of the town of Oakvale before being destroyed by Reaver and the Shadow Court. The town is initially devoid of colour and under attack by Shadows. The Hero must travel through the town rescuing civilians until they are given the Red Seal which allows access to the Shadow Court. Inside, the Hero finds a way to restore colour to the Snowglobe.

The Cursed Snowglobe is cursed prior to completing the quest The Snowglobe. Afterwards, the Cursed Snowglobe is returned to normal and the player can explore Oakvale, however, the item name and description remain the same.


This small snowglobe contains a very realistic model of a village. If you hold it to your ear, you can just make out the distant sounds of people screaming.

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