Cullis Gate

A Cullis Gate in The Catacombs.

Cullis Gates were magic portals invented in the times of the Old Kingdom that allowed Heroes to travel quickly from one place to the other. While still widely used in Albion during the time of Fable, they all lay inactive 500 years later during the events of Fable II with the exception of a few that were reactivated with the use of Will by the Hero and others. In Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary, the teleportation through Cullis Gates was immediate and the Guild Seal allowed the player to teleport to any Cullis Gate from any other location. It also allowed a "recall" to the region from where the player last teleported, even if that region did not have a Cullis Gate. In Fable II, teleportation is significantly more limited and instead, the player is allowed to use the "fast travel" option to go to any region in a given amount of in-game hours.

Road to Rule Cullis Gate

A Cullis Gate, exclusive to the Road to Rule Realm.

In Fable III, Cullis Gates have all but gone out of existence, with only a handful of Cullis Gates still functional and few people even knowing about them. However, it is possible the map in the Sanctuary uses Cullis Gate technology due to the fact that when it is first used, you appear at the Dweller camp Cullis Gate. Cullis Gates are also used in Fable III to get to the Sanctuary and are used in the Road to Rule. The Cullis Gates that are present in the Sanctuary are most likely due to the Sanctuary being built by the Hero of Bowerstone.

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