Crucible Rules is a book obtained in the Entrance Chamber of The Crucible just prior to the Hero of Bowerstone's first round in The Crucible. It is obtained after the Entrance Keeper states that "you might want to read up on the rules, not that most contenders can read".

Book ContentsEdit


All contenders are invited to read the following rules. If you cannot read, please ask another challenger to read them for you. If they cannot read, please refrain from asking the Entrance Keeper to read them for you, as he cannot read either.

  1. The Crucible is an arena of violence, death and family entertainment consisting of 8 rounds.
  2. Each round will begin when you walk into the starting point and is made up of increasingly difficult waves of creatures.
  3. Score a Perfect Round by beating the target time. You will earn extra awards for doing so. Achieve 5 Perfect Rounds and you will walk away with our highest gold reward.
  4. You are here to entertain. Never forget that. Make sure you keep the crowd's excitement levels up and it is likely to reward you for your efforts. The bloodthirsty buggers are especially fond of contenders who make full use of the traps and pits some of the rounds contain.
  5. Should you need to stock up your supplies, you will encounter a trader after every third round.
  6. If any of the above rules had too many syllables or was otherwise too difficult for your maltreated brain to comprehend, just remember this: kill everything and kill it fast.

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