The Crown is the symbol of office worn by the reigning monarch of Albion in Fable III. It is a simple gold circlet emblazoned with the Guild Seal symbol in the centre, and has golden swirls which lead up to and around the Guild Seal emblem. It was possibly held first by the Hero of Bowerstone, then passed on to King Logan (although he is never seen wearing it). The Hero of Brightwall is the first seen wearing it, once they became the new monarch of Albion.

During The Coronation, Walter Beck will place the crown upon the Hero's head. Following this, male Heroes will receive the King's Crown as part of the King's Suit of clothing, and female Heroes will receive the Queen's Crown as part of the Queen's Suit. The crown's appearance remains the same.

Upon completion of The Coronation, the achievement The Ruler of Albion will unlock and Xbox 360 players will receive the Crown as an avatar award.

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