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Crossbow is a type of weapon in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Fable Anniversary and Fable II.

The Rammer


Yew Crossbow[]

Material: Yew
Gold Value: 200
Augment Slots: None
Damage: 80
Class: Light
Description: "The flexibility of yew makes it a good wood for Crossbows as well as Longbows."
Obtained From:

Oak Crossbow[]

Material: Oak
Gold Value: 550
Augment Slots: 1
Damage: 110
Class: Light
Description: "Oak Crossbows are heavy devices, sturdy enough for the toughest battles."
Obtained From:

Ebony Crossbow[]

Material: Ebony
Gold Value: 2100
Augment Slots: 2
Damage: 150
Class: Light
Description: "Although hugely powerful, the Ebony Crossbow must be looked after if its properties are to be retained."
Obtained From:

Master Crossbow[]

Material: Unknown
Gold Value: 25600
Augment Slots: 3
Damage: 200
Class: Light
Description: "Light, strong and very precise, this is a perfect example of why Master weapons are so good."
Obtained From:

Arken's Crossbow[]

Main Article: Arken's Crossbow

Gold Value: 50, 160

Augment Slots: Flame Augmentation, Piercing Augmentation, Silver Augmentation

Damage: 220

Class: Light

Obtained From: Darkwood Lake Silver Key Chest

Fable II[]

In Fable II there are three different types of crossbows. Like guns, they too are unblockable:

Fable III[]

Some blacksmiths can be seen with crossbows, but the player cannot wield one.

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