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Creatures of Albion Book I
Creatures of Albion Book I
Type Book
Source Heroes' Guild bookshelf
Witchwood Stones Demon Door
Related Quests Book Collection
Base value Unknown

Creatures of Albion Book I is the first book in the "Creatures of Albion" book series in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It covers information on nymphs, minions, scorpions and screamers. It can be found in a bookshelf in the Heroes' Guild or in the Witchwood Stones Demon Door.

Contents of BookEdit

Nymphs are ethereal, yet dangerous creatures. There are three known types. The Water Nymph, The Wood Nymph and the very powerful Succubus Nymph. All will be eager to send you to an early death if you stray across their path.
Mindless, attacking animals bred by the Old Kingdom wall-guards for attacking intruders, minions are keen to rip the flesh of anything in their way. The only thing they fear are their masters and the bigger, more powerful minions known as Dreadwings.
Born of the fires of ancient Bolewood, scorpions are armoured beasts with evil hearts. Hushed voices tell of larger scorpions, bred in captivity for fighting.
Horrific entities caught in the netherworlds. Screamers have long struck fear into the population at night. They roam the land and are dangerous in their attacks.

Book CollectionEdit

In Fable: TLC and Fable Anniversary, this book can be donated to the school in Bowerstone South as part of the Book Collection quest. Once donated, Mr. Gout, the headmaster, will teach a lesson on the book:

Mr. Gout: Today we'll be studying Volume One of "The Creatures of Albion". Now, who here knows what Screamers are?

<Children raise hands>

Mr. Gout:' I bet you've never heard one though, have you? That's because they stay away from the towns. But out in the countryside it's a rather different story, and you can sometimes hear them crying out in the night. Their scream can pierce even the bravest of men's hearts. Hearing it will not just chill you to the bone, but sap your energy too. According to the sage Richard Philips, they feed upon the lifeforce of men, sucking out their souls. Either way, if you ever see one, you will soon end up like them... Screaming.

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