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The Court is an order of powerful beings from the Void, who came to Albion to conquer the land.


Coming of the Court[]

The Court consisted of three powerful entities: the Knight of Blades, weakest of the three; the Jack of Blades, (the antagonist of Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters), and the Queen of Blades, most powerful and highest of the three. The Court hails from a place called the Void, a realm outside of Albion unknown to men.

Conquest of Albion[]

They came to the world seeking dominance over its people, demanding that they bow down in obedience. The people refused, and in turn, Albion was burned until the earth was as black as the smoke that filled the sky. Once again, the Court demanded total obedience, and again were refused. The result was the raising of the sea into the sky and the flooding of the world. After this next disaster, the Court asked for worship again, this time promising peace, but met the same result. Angry at being refused by lesser beings, the Court twisted the minds of the people of Albion until the entire land was insane. Finally, after many years of suffering, the people bowed down. The Court had won.

Fall of the Court[]

As time went by, there came a challenge from one of the denizens of Albion: a man named William Black, who wielded the Sword of Aeons, rose to the highest peak of Albion to fight for the freedom of his people. First to answer the challenge was the Knight, who was quickly slain by Black. Next came the Jack, who proved to be more of a challenge than the Knight. However, the Jack met the same fate as his ally, yet was still able to cheat death by having his essence escape into his mask. Finally, Black challenged the Queen of Blades. Their titanic battle was waged for weeks on end, with mountains and valleys forming as the result of their seemingly endless fight. At last, William threw down the Queen, ending the reign of the Court over Albion.


  • In 2019 on twitter Dene Carter answer some questions about the Court.
  • "Knight and Queen are 'gone'. Forever? Maybe not".
  • "As for Jack being 'killed'... he's a multidimensional god. I think you overestimate the power of Heroes. Banishment from this realm? Sure. *Nobody* has seen Jack's true form, apart from maybe William Black, and he's not talking about it. Ever".


  • They may be related to the similarly named Shadow Court from Fable II, especially seeing as there is a "Shadow King" whom is explicitly referred to, which follows the same playing-card naming system.