Counter is the attack learned in Brutal Styles once reaching the fourth rank. To perform such an attack, the player character will have to time his/her attack so that their weapon hits the enemies weapon, either knocking them down or decapitating them (Blunt weapon) or spinning them around and then back stabbing them (Cutting weapon).

Sometimes the counter attack would be unique for certain enemies (This only works for cutting weapons) such as Hollow Men. Countering them will result in a instant kill for any type of Hollow Man. Doing it to a Highwayman will push them back for about two seconds then they will do a jump attack which can also be countered and then result in the original killing animation. You can also try it on the Commandant or Spire Soldier but there is no way to get a instant kill, It would just stun them for a second.

Those who witness this will comment on it, for an example the bandits may say something along the lines of "What!? No one can be that skilled!!" or "We're fighting some sort of demon!"

When done to Hobbes, the chance of the Hobbes running in terror and suicidal jumps is maximized.

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