Cornelius Grim
Cornelius Grim
Species Human at first
Shadow during Defender of the Light
Gender Male
Enemies Temple of Light Monks
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Dead if Defender of the Light quest is done
Alive if not
"Welcome young disciple, to the Temple of Shadows. I am Cornelius Grim. You have entered a venerable society of dark worship with a long history of wicked deeds and opprobious transgressions. Fridays is poker night."
— Cornelius Grim

Cornelius Grim re-established, and is the current head of, the Temple of Shadows. He greets all new Shadow Worshipper's at the bottom of the winding stairs that lead to the Temple of Shadows, from here he explains the ways of the Shadow Worshipers. He is considered by some to be one of the most evil people in all of Albion.

If you choose to do the Defender of the Light quest, the Hero will have to kill him, and once the Hero of Will quest ends and the Hero returns from the Spire, the Shadow Worshippers have left and their Temple is abandoned. If you choose to do the Oakfield Massacre quest, he enlists the help of the Hero to kill every living person in Oakfield. If the player chooses to do this, the Temple of Light will be in ruins and the Golden Oak is no more.

He disappears after the Hero has returned from the Spire.

Trivia Edit

  • If the hero chooses to complete the Defender of the Light quest, Cornelius will transform into a Shadow.
  • His eyes are completely white, even before transforming into a Shadow.
  • He looks a lot like the abbot from the Temple of Light, but with different robes and eyes.
  • If you choose not to undertake either quest, Cornelius will still be in the temple and will stand there looking like he always has.
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