Type Miscellaneous
Effects Prevents pregnancy in females and the spread of STDs
Source General goods stores
Base value 5 gold

A condom is a tool used in Fable II and Fable III to prevent pregnancy and the spread of STDs.

How to UseEdit

A condom can be used by getting your chosen mate to follow you by either giving the Thumbs Up expression to someone who propositions you or by asking a willing someone to Come Back To My Place. Once they are following you lead them to a bed. Instead of the usual "Sleep X Hours" dialogue box, you get "Have Protected Sex" or "Have Unprotected Sex". If you do not have a condom in your inventory, the "Have Protected Sex" option will be grayed out and unselectable. It will also be grayed out if you are in a lesbian relationship.

While a condom will negate all negative points from having sex, it seems to give corruption points as well. This may be because you are having sex purely for pleasure and not with the intent of starting a family.

In Fable III, condoms are regularly kept in stock at Gifts & Gumf in Bowerstone Market and Ms Elaine Neous's Goods in Bowerstone Old Quarter.

Description Edit

Avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases with this fetching sheath made from only the very best animal intestines.


  • While you cannot get someone you are not married to pregnant, you can get STDs from them. Take into mind that the use of a condom negates the evil point you get when you have extramarital sex. Also remember that you can still get STDs if you marry a character that has them. The prostitutes may be more attractive, but they still will likely give you an STD. Lady Grey will also give you STDs if you have sex with her without the use of a condom.

Trivia Edit

  • Many people consider condoms in Fable II extremely "weird" because of the time period Fable II takes place. But historically condoms and other contraceptives were made from leather, silk paper, and animal intestines long before the discovery of vulcanization.
  • Using a condom removes the evil points you get from having sex outside marriage.
  • In The Game side quest in Fable III, you can find the Legendary Condom of the Gods +5 which can't be used. It is a reference to the stereotype that nerds are obsessed with sex and "power-ups" in roleplaying games, which increase a statistic (Damage, etc.) in the game.
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