Community Service quests are offered in Fable II and Fable III as a means of compensation when a crime is committed. Community service quests in Fable II are essentially similar to Bounty Hunter, but without a cash reward on completion. The difficulty of the quest is proportional to the amount of the fine levied.

To perform community service in Fable II, select it from the list of options after being confronted by a guard. You will then be given details of where the task is to be performed. If you commit another crime before your community service is complete, you will break parole, and will retain outlaw status in the original region.

In Fable III, community service consists of performing one of the three jobs in the game until the equivalent value of the fine is paid off. If you opt to leave the job before working off the fine, you will break parole and have the remaining fine reinstated, along with an extra penalty for parole violation.

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