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Collecting Nostro's Soul
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Gold Quest Icon.png Gold Quest
Preceding Collecting your Mother's Soul / Killing Briar Rose
Succeeding The Final Battle
Start Circle of the Dead
End Circle of the Dead
Reward 500 Renown
Trophies None
Boasts 0

Collecting Nostro's Soul is a quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Collect Nostro's Soul from the Lychfield Graveyard Circle of the Dead.


The Hero fighting Nostro.

After collecting your second soul, return to the Heroes' Guild. There you will be told by someone that they believe the oldest soul is Nostro. Head to the Circle of the Dead to collect his soul. He is protected by his men, and will be invulnerable except for a short period after some of his men are killed.

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