Collectables are items found inside of chests in Fable: The Journey which are found in optional stops in the main road of the game or inside the essential dungeons such as Bladebarrow.


All collectables in Fable: The Journey has the appearance of a card with its item pictured inside.

List of CollectablesEdit

By location inside the game:


  • All the Collectables are direct easter-eggs or references to the others games of the franquise (based on appearence and description of each item), them being:
    • Fable / Fable: The Lost Chapters / Fable Anniversary :
      • Gold Coin, Crunchy Chick, Chicken, Silver Key, Demon Door, Guild Seal.
    • Fable II:
      • Dog Ball, Gargoyle, Golden Acorn, Meat Pie, Music Box, Crucible Trophy, Barnum's Camera, Ressurection Phial.
    • Fable III:
      • Gnome, Black Dye, The Baron, Book Of the Extremely Dead, Book Of Heroes, Chess Set, Saker's Flag, Painting of Theresa, Recruiting Poster, The Colin.
    • Fable Heroes :
      • Puppet Theatre.
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