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Enemy Information
Type Clockwork
Games Fable III
Fable Heroes
First Appearance Mk I: Understone
Mk II: Clockwork Island
Related Quests The Voice
Like Clockwork

Colins are types of Industrial age styled robots, consisting of cogs, nuts, bolts, screws, and one big green eye. They were built byProfessor Faraday and also by Montague Humes as part of a home defence system, but is unclear who originally pionereed them - though it is likely that it was Faraday as he has many of them at his factory on Clockwork Island.

They are capable of performing a variant of the assassin rush or targeted time control, as well as a ground pound. Colins can also spin their bodies with blades coming out on the sides. First encountered by the Hero in the Understone DLC, they have proven to be very powerful adversaries, but only one Colin is ever fought in Understone. However, if the Hero chooses to enslave the Understonians, they take the place of guards or factory managers. If the Hero chooses to free the people, one can be seen dancing in the middle of town. Returning in the Traitor's Keep DLC, Colins play a much more vital role to the story, serving as enemies during the Hero's visit to Clockwork Island. On Clockwork Island, there are Mark II Colins that were created by Professor Faraday. They are not as powerful as the original one from Understone and have a different color scheme.

Notable Models[]