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Cold Comfort Farmer is a side quest in Fable II.

Moral Dilemma
This quest has a moral opposite. See Red Harvest.

After watching Garth's abduction at the top of Brightwood Tower during the The Hero of Will quest, you'll be notified that a bandit named Ripper has been terrorizing a farming family in Brightwood. Basically, this is the good alternative to the Red Harvest quest. Pay a visit to Giles' Farm in the northwest corner of Brightwood, where you'll knock on the door and speak to the man himself. Giles will tell you that Ripper killed his wife and forced him to send his son away until things are safe. He then asks for your help in bringing the cold-hearted bandit to justice - without killing him.

Ripper's camp is to the southeast of Giles's Farm. When you arrive, four separate waves of bandits will drop down from the trees to deal with you. After they've all been slain, Ripper will drop down to deal with you himself. You'll find that he's considerably tougher than any other bandit you've fought thus far simply because he has access to the Time Control spell - and he'll use it to teleport to your position whenever possible. Just keep hacking, shooting, or casting when he's vulnerable, and eventually he'll throw down his weapon (a Steel Cutlass for you to pick up) and surrender. At this point, you can either kill him or spare him. Either way, you'll earn 750 renown points when Giles shows up to haul him off to be hanged in Bowerstone, or stare at his corpse.

Moral Outcomes
Anni Icon Good30 Good for either choice.
Anni Icon Evil20 Corrupt for killing him.

Anni Icon Map X Forever Changed: Completing this quest will have a radical effect on Brightwood Farm. Make sure to explore the whole area before leaving for the Spire.

The farm will eventually be up for sale (after The Blind Date), and is far larger with many people. Even a woodcutting job is occasionally available.

Logbook Information[]

Ripper and his bandits have been terrorising a farming family.

Good: Thanks to you, justice will be done, though nothing will repair Giles's loss. Other bandits may still remain, but the end of Ripper's gang will have great repercussions for Brightwood.
Corrupt: You killed Ripper and ended the threat to Giles's Farm. Thanks to you, justice has been done. Your kind of justice.


  • This quest takes its name from Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, a 1932 novel parodying the popular romantic novels about rustic farm life.
  • Farmer Giles of Ham is a comic Medieval fable written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1937.