A Closet is a type of furniture in Fable II that can contain items. The items found in the cupboard range from gifts (chocolate, flowers, toys, etc.), books, or other random items. Closets tend to contain more clothing related items.

When you press (or hold) A on a closet, there are two possible actions: steal or search. Stealing is performed when you take items from a closet in a house other than your own. It gives you 5 evil points and you run the risk of getting put under arrest (or if you are in Bloodstone, a witness of stealing will attack you). It also is considered stealing when taking items from a closet even while renting out a house that belongs to you. An "eyeball" icon will appear above the cupboard indicating whether or not you will be spotted when attempting to steal. Searching is just the opposite; when you take items from the closets(s) in your own house.

Types of Closet Edit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Broken Closet 1star Not so much a closet as it is a failed room expansion. 45 gold
Worn Closet 2stars No, it's not a secret portal to a wintry land. It's just a shabby closet. 90 gold
Average Closet 3stars A sturdy, no-frills closet for all of your storage needs. 180 gold
Decorative Closet 4stars This fine storage space features wonderful craftsmenship, elegant paintwork and the faint aroma of evergreen. 360 gold
Luxury Closet 5stars This opulent masterpiece of home storage will bring you to tears...especially if it falls on you. 720 gold


The description for the Worn Closet could be a possible reference to The Chronicles of Narnia.

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