Clockwork Dog
Clockwork Dog
Enemy Information
Type Clockwork
Games Fable III
Fable Heroes
First Appearance Clockwork Island
Related Quests Like Clockwork


A Clockwork Dog is an enemy encountered in the Fable III DLC Traitor's Keep and in the Xbox Live Arcade game Fable Heroes.

Like the other colins, the clockwork dogs were a creation of the scientist and inventor Ernest Faraday, who created them per the orders of King Logan to create an army. However, while the professor complied with the order, he refused to turn them over to Logan when he realized that the dictator would use this robotic army for his own selfish purposes. Faraday was promptly arrested, had his assets turned over to Reaver, and was promptly locked up in Ravenscar Keep. After Faraday escaped the prison, he fled to his home and activated the robots as a defense to any who would capture him.

In Fable III, the dogs are encountered on Clockwork Island, where they form part of Faraday's security force. After the Hero of Brightwall arrives on the island, they attack the Hero in massive swarms before promptly exploding violently like a shot gunpowder-canister, dealing massive damage and knocking the Hero on their back. The explosion also occurs if the machines are shot from afar, though this mitigates the damage done on the Hero. 

In addition to the hostile clockwork dogs encountered throughout the island, one can also transform the Hero's dog into a clockwork dog.

In their appearance in Fable Heroes, they are referred to as "Bomb Dogs."

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