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A Class is an aspect of your Hero's personality in Fable and Fable TLC that, in the Hero's description, is preceded by their renown (familiarity status) and followed by their title. Your Hero's class is determined by your experience spending (levelling up) and method of combat (mastery of strength, skill or will). If you want to stay a certain class, keep using the same fighting style and try to avoid levelling up other stats.

List of Classes[]

(Note: Click the box icons to sort the columns and group classes by name, mastery or statistic.)

Class Master of Levelled-up
Apprentice Any None
Warrior Strength Physique
Knight Skill Physique
Battle Mage Will Physique
Fighter Strength Health
Soldier Skill Health
Theurgist Will Health
Barbarian Strength Toughness
Bountyhunter Skill Toughness
Sorcerer Will Toughness
Hunter Strength Speed
Scout Skill Speed
Moonchaser Will Speed
Slayer Strength Accuracy
Archer Skill Accuracy
Seer Will Accuracy
Infiltrator Strength Guile
Rogue Skill Guile
Warlock Will Guile
Spellwarrior Strength Spells
Witchhunter Skill Spells
Will User Will Spells
Spellsword Strength Magic Power
Mystic Skill Magic Power
Invoker Will Magic Power

Other "Classes"[]

For the commonly mistaken non-classes such as Assassin, Paladin, Druid & Runemaster, please see the titles page. The game code source below also gives more detail.


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