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Chillbreath Caverns
Cave System in Mistpeak Valley
Chillbreath Caverns.png
Location Information
Related Quests The Pen Is Mightier...
Missing Child
Enemies Wolves
Exits Mistpeak Valley

Chillbreath Caverns is a cave system that is found in Mistpeak Valley. The caves are cold and icy and full of untold dangers and treasures for the bold adventurer. The cave system is divided into three separate sections with three entrances to the caves from Mistpeak Valley; one near the monorail station, one not far from the trail to the Demon Door, and one on the lower slopes across one of the bridges near Brightwall.

The uppermost entrance is above the snowline, and can be reached by following the trail from Brightwall and crossing the steeply sloped bridge above the Demon Door. This entrance leads to the child in the Missing Child quest.

The second entrance can be reached by crossing a small bridge over the path that leads to the Demon Door. From Brightwall, head towards the lake. Shortly after entering the woods, turn left and follow the wall to the bridge. Follow the path along the snowline to reach the entrance. This entrance leads to a gnome, immediately upon entering. Travel through the cave to find a silver key. From here you can vault down to the Missing Child section.

The third entrance is located along the slopes of the valley very near Brightwall (closer to the Monorail Station side of the lake than the Mercenary Camp when looking from Brightwall), and can be considered the hardest to locate. From the lake, head towards Brightwall until you reach the signpost atop a small rise. (This is the location of the Gargoyle during Gnomes are Great!.) Instead of following the signpost, continue straight ahead into the trees. When you reach the cliff face, head left along the ledge to the entrance. This entrance leads to the largest portion of the cavern system. It has a lot of chests, several dig spots, a book for the quest The Pen Is Mightier..., a silver key chest (which requires 15 keys) and the way to a Gold Key. Upon exiting this portion of the cave you will come to a small ruin where the key is waiting.

Many Wolves, Hobbes and Balverines are in the caves, and occasionally Mercenaries.

There are a couple of bodies frozen under the ice in lake where a bridge has fallen in.

Notable Loot[]

Treasure chests;

  1. Located in enclosed area down from main pathway which contains 75 Gold. Cave portion accessed via the Missing Child quest.

Dig spots;

  1. Located near ledge and rock pillars which contains Jet.

Silver Key Chest;

  1. Located in the portion of the cave accessed via the grassy slope entrance. The chest requires 15 Silver Keys.


  1. Located in the portion of the cave accessed via the grassy slope entrance. The Gnome is atop a pillar of stone in the center of the ice en route to the book required for the quest The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword.

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