The Child Protection Agency is a company in Fable II that takes your children if your spouse is killed. Nothing is known about the Agency in Fable II except that they take away children after the death of a spouse and that they cannot be located, meaning that an attempt to reclaim one's children is impossible in Fable II.

The Agency still exists in Fable III, albeit with a few changes. In addition to claiming one's children upon the death of a spouse, the Agency also steps in to claim one's children should the Hero divorce their Henchman spouse. However, unlike in Fable II, children taken by the Agency can be reclaimed at the Bowerstone Shelter and Orphanage.


  • In Fable II, you cannot reclaim your children after the Agency has collected them.
  • In Fable II, it is also impossible to take care of your children without a spouse. No matter what you do, the Agency will still take your children after your spouse's death.
  • Once your children are taken by the Agency, you will never see them ever again in Fable II.
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