Chicken suit

The Chicken Suit

The Chicken Suit is a set of clothing in Fable II.

Description Edit

Transform yourself into what you've always wanted to become. Stand in front of the mirror, and ask yourself: "Would you chase me? I'd chase me. I'd chase me hard."

Headgear: Chicken Suit Headpiece

  • Stars : 3stars
  • Ridiculousness : 20.0%
  • Base Value : 225

Coat: Chicken Suit Body

  • Stars : 3stars
  • Ridiculousness : 20%
  • Base Value : 600

Feet: Chicken Suit Feet

  • Stars : 3stars
  • Ridiculousness : 5.0%
  • Base Value : 150

Notes Edit

  • It is no longer possible to obtain this chicken suit using to complete A Hero's Tale. You can only acquire it as a gift from another player on Xbox LIVE.
  • If you have previously completed 'A Hero's Tale', all items can be purchased in Bowerstone Market, Bloodstone & Oakfield.
  • The Chicken Suit Body also uses the Lower Body slot, but the Upper Body, Mask, and Gloves slots are still available while wearing this suit.
  • The achievement The Fowl Player requires this outfit.
  • The Chicken Suit makes an appearance also in Fable III.
  • In the description of the chicken suit, the phrase "Would you chase me? I'd chase me. I'd chase me hard." is a reference to the film The Silence of the Lambs, in which the serial killer being hunted by the protagonist wants to transform himself into a woman by creating a suit made from human skin.

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